Thank you letters from Lincoln Elementary

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Docent Dave received these thank you Letters from Cara MacMillan’s 3rd/4th grade class at Lincoln Elementary!

They were so cute and thoughtful we just had to share!

Thank you Lincoln Elementary for your wonderful words and pictures about Kennedy Creek. We are glad you had a great time!

Lincoln Thank yous-1

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Lincoln Thank yous-33 “Dear Dave,

Thank you for our journey in to nature life and in to a very cold place. The most interesting thing I learned was that when fish fie their body’s decompose in to the water. I have to say our journey was very pretty and I think seeing the life that we have compared to the fishes is very different. I will always remember the fishes life and how they struggle to make another life and how lucky I am to see that.

PS Thank you!”

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Lincoln Thank yous-13 <– “Dear Dave,

Thank you for giving us a wonderful tour of a wonderful place! The most interesting thing I learned was the life cycle of a salmon because it is so different from our own. I mean it is so sweet and sad. The coolest thing I saw was the second stop where the salmon were spawning. The second coolest thing I saw was the Fish TV. The fish were trying to attack and it was hilarious! I could understand why after I saw the camera, it was shaped like a fish and the salmon were probably trying to spawn and just wanted some privacy. The third coolest thing I saw was the dying fish with moving gills. It was sad but cool. It was cold! I had toes that stung because of the weather but I knew I could see them on a cold day and enjoy yourself while watching the salmon in your winter coat, or not see them on a warm day (I prefer to see them! 🙂 ).  I think that salmon are amazing and I wanted to get more information on them. I only knew they die after they lay eggs, then die before I came to Kennedy Creek. Now I know almost everything there is to know about chum salmon. One of my goals is to learn everything about every kind of salmon because I kind of want to be a marine biologist when I grow up or a person to teaches people about fish (mostly salmon because fish are so cool)! My main goal in life is to know everything in the world and you took me one step closer to my main goal! I have been to Kennedy Creek when I was a baby but I was too young to enjoy it. I will always remember the cold Thursday that I went to Kennedy Creek with my class.”

Lincoln Thank yous-15  <– “Dear Dave,

Thank you for teaching us about salmon. I realized the word you used the most was probably ‘decompose’. I think the coolest thing I learned was: the depth of water and the current matters. I will remember that you were probably one of the best tour guides ever!”

Lincoln Thank yous-18

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Above ^

“Dear Dave,

Thank you so much for teaching us all about salmon! The most interesting thing I learned was that salmon from Kennedy Creek went to Japan! The coolest thing I saw was a fish that was still alive and pumping water through it’s gills! Thank you so much!”

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Above Right

“Dear Dave,

Thank you for the great tour of Kennedy Creek and teaching us about salmon. The most interesting thing I learned was salmon eggs are not always red, they are almost all orange. The coolest thing I learned was some salmon are called dog salmon because of their teeth. I’ll never forget that fish out of water that kept moving its jaw, it was cool.”

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