Salmon Specialist turned Ethnobotanist!

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This spring, Allie, turned Ethnobotanist for Nearshore trips with South Sound GREEN!

Every other year, South Sound GREEN hosts the entire Komachin Middle School at Zittles Marina and Tolmie State Park for beach walks, radio telemetry and GPS technologies, and dock dives when SCUBA divers collect sea creatures for observation. This year, SS Green substituted a hike station for a previously teacher-lead station. Jenna from SS Green approached us to lead this hike station. With collaborative efforts, they decided an exploration of native plants and their uses would be a perfect fit. After all, Allie had just completed a short Ethnobotany course at a WCC training.

Below is the field guide (*note: it is a pamphlet) created for Tolmie State Park, with ID info and common uses for the most abundant and interesting plants found on the hike, along with general information about what Ethnobotany is, and safe practices. So, take this AND another trusted field guide out, and see what you can find!

Ethnobotany Field Guide Tolmie State ParkPg. 1/2

Ethnobotany Field Guide Tolmie State Park 2Pg. 2/2

Possibly to come: Great thank you letters from Komachin!