From the Mountains to the Sound

The South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group helps salmon from ‘The Mountains to the Sound’. We have all seven species of Pacific Salmon throughout our service area and aim to protect all of them through habitat improvement and construction projects.

Find details about the types of projects we do based on where they are located in the watershed:

**Please note, there is overlap between regions in the watershed, and the definitions of the regions. It is simplified in this way to further your understanding. There is often overlap among project types as well. For example, large woody debris is often added to projects throughout the watershed, but are not directly addressed in those sections.**

SPSSEG Construction Projects 1999-2017


SPSSEG discovers and prioritizes potential projects through Habitat Assessments. No project is complete without Pre and Post Project Monitoring to measure success of the project.

Habitat Assessment Projects

Assessment studies identify areas for restoration and enhancement. Once identified, potential projects are prioritized with input from regional scientific and technical experts.

Pre and Post Project Monitoring

Scientific monitoring before, during, and after project implementation evaluates success of our projects and guides future restoration efforts. These projects are time- and labor-intensive, and require reliable year-to-year funding.


To see what SPSSEG and others are doing for salmon recovery through out the state, check out the Habitat Work Schedule and search “South Puget Sound” under ‘Sponsor’