Lance Winecka

Executive Director

Lance Winecka was born and raised near the Puget Sound.  Lance has worked for SPSSEG since 2001 and has overseen over 100 on-the-ground restoration projects.  In 2007, Lance became the Executive Director for the Group and continues to build upon his experience to build better projects and to be more effective in salmon restoration.  Lance lives in Olympia, WA with his wife and two kids.

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Brian Combs

Salmon Habitat Restoration Biologist, Primary Project Manager

Brian is an avid outdoorsman and has been exploring his passion for natural history in the Pacific Northwest since 1995.  Brian earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the Evergreen State College in 2003 with emphasis in botany and ecology.  He has since been working as a biologist in both the government and private sectors.  His professional experience includes wetland biology, habitat restoration, botany, and wildlife studies.  His spare time is spent mushroom hunting and fishing.  Brian is glad to be a part of a non-profit organization and hopes to grow personally and professionally while being a steward of our region’s great resources.

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Kristin Williamson

Salmon Habitat Restoration Biologist, Primary Project Manager

Kristin has called the Pacific Northwest home since 1998 after moving here to earn her bachelors of science in biology from the University of Puget Sound. She is proud to be part of the SPSSEG team serving as project manager and fish biologist on restoration projects focused in the Pierce County portion of our region on the Puyallup and Chambers-Clover watersheds. Kristin’s passion for her work is driven by her desire to make right the environmental wrongs of past land use practices and restore our regions wild rivers for future generations of fish to thrive. On and off the clock, Kristin enjoys roaming the mountains, forests, and floodplains, and waters of the Pacific Northwest.


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Brian Zierdt

GIS Analyst / Data Administrator / Biologist

Brian received a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, a Graduate Certificate in GIS from Portland State University, and a Masters of Environmental Studies from The Evergreen State College. In addition to supporting SPSSEG’s small yet effective team, Brian offers inter-agency GIS mapping support, database management, field data collection, monitoring, analysis, project development and management on a range of City, State, Tribal and Non-Profit projects. Brian is passionate about solving complex problems and utilizing advanced technology tools, while equally engaging in field work that increases environmental and community health.


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Cole Baldino

Salmon Habitat Restoration Biologist, Project Manager

Growing up with the dream of saving salmonids, Cole received a degree in coldwater fisheries biology from SUNY Environmental Science & Forestry in Syracuse, NY. He’s worked throughout the east coast restoring eastern brook trout habitat. After a lifetime of chasing wild steelhead, Cole has made his way to WA to restore salmon populations as a project manager for SPSSEG. His passion for implementing large wood structures and removing barriers to fish passage fits with the organization mission and team. When not saving salmon and trout, Cole is chasing them with his fly rod. Along with angling, Cole is an avid rock climber, mountaineer, hunter, and gardener.

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Megan Brady

Education and Outreach Coordinator / Restoration Specialist

Megan is the Kennedy Creek Salmon Trail Coordinator and Salmon in the Schools Educator for SPSSEG. She earned a Master’s of Science in Fisheries Science degree from Oregon State University and a Bachelor of Science degree from the Evergreen State College. She has experience with fish passage projects, salmonid ecological research, and habitat restoration. Her passion, though, is for multi-media communication and hands-on experiential learning to facilitate relationships between people and the natural world they share with fish, wildlife, and plants. Megan grew up in Gig Harbor, WA and is so proud to be part of the SPSSEG team working on environmental education and salmon habitat restoration in Mason, Thurston, and Pierce counties.

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Ashley Carr

Restoration Technician

Ashley recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Huxley’s College of the Environment at Western Washington University. Ashley is passionate about salmon habitat recovery and excited to work on a variety of field projects with SPSSEG including culvert assessments, habitat surveys, and fish sampling. Ashley has a particular interest in GIS mapping and mobile data collection. Outside of work, Ashley enjoys spending time with family, exploring hiking trails, and restoring a vintage Boler travel trailer.

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Harold Schimdt

Accounts Manager

Harold Started his career working in the Accounting Department for the A&P Tea Company in Montvale, NJ. After moving to the Pacific Northwest he has provided accounting services for a variety of organizations including retail stores, hotels, internet companies and non-profits. He has focused on providing back office accounting services for smaller organizations.

Harold & his wife Linda have a strong commitment to preserving the natural environment.  They enjoy traveling though out Washington as well as up and down the West coast.  They both enjoy documenting the region through their photographs.

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