Ohop Restoration Construction Photos: August 10th-14th

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These photos show on-site construction progress of the Ohop Valley Restoration Project for the week of August 10th through the 14th. Highlights include:

  • Staging of Large Woody Debris (LWD) for the area upstream of Hwy 7.
  • Beginning excavation and grading of the Side-channel Ditch.
  • WADOT Specified Streambed Cobble

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  1. Bill

    Recommend that the photo size be reduced to about 1,000 pixles wide and that about 25% JPEG reduction be applied before posting. No need to post the photos in the full 20 megapixel or so size.

  2. kimgridley


    Good timing! New photos were just uploaded of porject construction as well as the Highway 7 fish out…enjoy!

    Thanks for looking 😉


  3. kimgridley

    Good call, I did reduce the photo size for the newly uploaded construction photos. Thanks for your feedback.


  4. kimgridley


    Check out new uploaded photos and the freaky fish out!