Powell Creek Culvert

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History Powell Creek, a 240-acre parcel, was purchased by the Nisqually Land Trust. It was the largest privately held property in the salmon rearing section of the Nisqually River. This property added 2.5 miles of Nisqually River shoreline to the … Continued

Mashel River Restoration Project

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As the largest and principal salmon producing tributary to theNisquallyRiver, theMashelRiversupports many species of salmon including endangered Chinook and steelhead. It is located inPierceCountyjust southwest of Eatonville and its sub-basin drains an area of approximately 83 square miles. The Mashel … Continued

Mashel River Monitoring

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Consistent pre- and post-project effectiveness monitoring, in partnership with the Nisqually Indian Tribe (NIT), has helped to determine changes in river morphology and salmonid abundance since 2002. SPSSEG and the NIT have been using the Timber-Fish-Wildlife (TFW) Monitoring Program Methods … Continued

Allison Springs

Allison Springs Estuary is a 50-acre complex of shorelines, tide flats, salt marsh, forested freshwater tributaries, and springs.  The restoration project sought to restore estuarine and wetland function in the area, as well as provide juvenile salmon habitat. Historically the property … Continued