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Deschutes Watershed w Rivers

Below are samples of current or completed projects in the Deschutes Watershed.


Deschutes River Habitat Restoration Project Design - RFQ

REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS (RFQ) – Deschutes River Habitat Restoration Project Design

Notice is hereby given that Qualifications for the Deschutes River Habitat Restoration Project will be received at the office of the South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group, 6700 Martin Way E, Suite 112, Olympia, WA 98516 until 5pm, Monday, October 5, 2015. Qualifications received after October 5th will not be considered for this Project.

The Cities of Yelm, Lacey and Olympia (Cities) are announcing this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) as part of a mitigation project required by Department of Ecology as part of water rights approvals. The scope of work for this RFQ will include: advancing the existing 60% design to the 100% design level consistent with the 60% Basis of Design Memo, and preparation of specifications, and cost estimates for mitigation projects, as well as permitting assistance. The South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group (SPSSEG) is coordinating the RFQ process and is contracted as Project Manager for the Project.

RFQ documents will be made available upon request to SPSSEG. Please contact Lance Winecka, SPSSEG Executive Director at Lancew@spsseg.org to arrange for distribution of electronic or hard copies of RFQ documents. RFQ documents may also be downloaded directly from the SPSSEG website: www.spsseg.org. If downloading documents directly you are encouraged to notify SPSSEG so that we may maintain a distribution list for updated information or addenda.
The Cities and SPSSEG reserve the right to reject any and all proposals, to waive minor irregularities in any proposal and to negotiate with any proposer.

No faxed, telephone or electronic qualifications will be accepted.

Published: September 18, 2015

Deschutes RFQ Advertisement 2015

Exhibit A Deschutes Restoration – 60 pct Design Plans – Feb2015-1

Exhibit B EqualBenefitsComplianceDeclarationFormwithExhD

Exhibit C Deschutes Restoration – 60 pct Basis of Design Memo – Feb2015

RFQ FINAL Deschutes Mitigation Sept 18 2015

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Beachcrest Estuary Restoration Project

Located on the west side of Nisqually Reach, the Beachcrest Restoration project sought to create new spawning and rearing habitat for salmon. This project restored fish passage and habitat to a pocket estuary fed by a spring. It removed a barrier standpipe and 150’ culvert under a private road. The standpipe and culvert were replaced with a 14’ span concrete box culvert, giving rise to a new 150’ tidal channel. Shoreline armor was replaced with logs and salt marsh. Volunteers contributed their time and energy to plant native vegetation along the shoreline.

Completed in 2010, this project provides key ecological benefits to nearshore-dependent species. First, it increased estuarine rearing and foraging area. It restored fish access to a small local watershed. It provides increased spawning grounds for forage fish such as sand lance and smelt. Finally, restoration activities associated with this project have increased spawning habitat in South Puget Sound for chum, pink, and coastal cutthroat trout and increase rearing capacity of South Puget Sound for ESA listed Chinook, coho, chum, pink, steelhead, and coastal cutthroat.

Partners includedSRFB,USFish and Wildlife, NFWS, NRNC, the Beachcrest Community Association, and the Nisqually Tribe.

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