Clover Creek

Clover Creek Channel Restoration at Parkland Prairie Natural Wildlife Preserve

A project to restore a 700-foot length of asphalt lined channel on Clover Creek was completed in 2009.  Since completion of this project, maintenance of newly installed riparian and upland plant communities on the preserve has been an uphill battle due to the sheer strength and number of noxious weeds present at this urban site. With the help of the Pierce Conservation District Stream Team and many dedicated volunteers, SPSSEG has been working to combat the weeds at this site so that native plants can re-establish and thrive.  Since 2009, SPSSEG, with the help of the Stream Team and two very tenacious volunteers, Mary Sue and Art Gee, have been managing work parties to pull Scot’s Broom, cut and grub out blackberry, and plant native vegetation.  We are constantly seeking volunteers to continue this effort; if you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, please contact Kristin Williamson at

Two Young Volunteers Planting at Clover Creek

Volunteers Planting Next to the Stream

Planting at Clover Creek

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