Teachers and Parents

SPSSEG is available for classroom presentations and speaking engagments! Explore our page or feel free to contact us  to find out more.

Education props and resources available for your classroom.  All you have to do is schedule a presention and request the props you’d like to see!

Additional educational activities from SPSSEG to do with your class for the teacher who doesn’t have time to schedule a presenter or would like to supplement an existing lesson plan.

Thurston County Environmental Education Guide – A great resource for finding exciting class activities and field trips, and where you can schedule someone to give classroom presentations.

Pierce County Environmental Education  provides links to schedule presentations, get lesson plans, grant information, and more.

Sound Salmon Curriculum (Grades 5-9)

Meet the Salmon Species

137 Species Depend on Salmon

Find great Online Environmental Calculator to determine your carbon footprint, water footprint, and more!

Learn about the Cool School Challenge

Most of us do very little to harm the environment. However, very little multiplied by a couple billion is very much. But the little things you do to benefit the environment can add up to a lot of good as well” – Guideposts for a Sustainable Future

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